Airport Pickup

International Students, Inc. (ISI) welcomes you to Austin by providing airport pickup. We will take you to where you will be staying. If you don’t have a place to stay, we will try to make reservations for you at a local hotel. Local hotel rooms range from $60 to $150 per night depending on the hotel and the type of accommodation. Please let us know what you prefer.

Our desire is to make your first impression of the USA and of Austin, Texas a positive one. ISI, is a national Christian service organization made up of culturally sensitive American friends who are eager for cultural exchange. International students of all religions and beliefs are welcome to participate.

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How do you sign-up?

  • When your flight arrangements are confirmed, please provide date, time, flight number and where you would like for us to take you.
  • Your request must be received THREE (3) or more DAYS before your arrival in Austin.
  • You should receive a response within 24 hours confirming your request.
  • You will receive contact information for your “new American friend” by e-mail soon after your request is confirmed.
  • We will not be able to help you upon arrival at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport if you have not filled out and e-mailed us with at least three days notice and received a response from us.
  • Please DO NOT make parallel arrangements for pickup with other persons. This could cause confusion and hurt feelings for all involved. Should you change your mind, please inform us promptly by email –

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Arrival at your port-of-entry (first U.S. city you fly into):

It is possible, after you pass through U.S. customs, that you may miss your connecting flight. If this occurs, you must inform us of your flight schedule change as soon as you are given the new information. Please call the phone number that you will be given in your confirmation email. If you don’t have an American cell phone, give the contact number to someone who looks like an American and ask if they would call the number for you. Most Americans would be very happy to help you in this way.

Arrival at Austin-Bergstrom Airport:

  • When you arrive at the Baggage Claim carousel, look for a person holding up a poster (sign) with your name on the poster. This will identify your new American friend.
  • If after 20 minutes you have not connected with your American host, please call the telephone number that you were provided. If you don’t have and American cell phone, look for an American who doesn’t look busy. Explain that you a new in the country and ask if they would call the number for you. Most Americans will be happy to be able to do this for you.
  • In some cases, your ISI American friend may be one of several people helping you during these first few days.

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