About ISI

ISI’s President – Dr. Doug Shaw

Indian-born Dr. Doug Shaw, once an international student himself, leads ISI as President/CEO. Dr. Shaw brings a wealth of experience to ISI. His family heritage includes a great-grandfather who was a Muslim convert to Christianity and a grandfather who was a yogi in the Himalayas of India. He considers himself the product of missionary efforts in India through churches as widely varied as German Lutheran, United Methodist, Baptist and Assemblies of God.

After growing up and receiving his initial education in Calcutta, he came to the U.S. over 33 years ago and earned both an MA and a Ph.D. at California Graduate School of Theology in Glendale, CA. His continuing education includes an emphasis in evangelism and church growth as well as missions.

Dr. Shaw’s professional experience is also varied. For seven years, he was President of a family corporation that owned three small businesses. He has served several churches in California in either interim/consultative roles or as senior pastor, having been ordained since 1974. He has been a consultant, producer and guest in various media endeavors, including television, radio and multi-media. He is the author of many articles and more than a dozen books and training manuals. In addition to these, Dr. Shaw has served several para-church ministries, including Living Bibles International, Christ for All Nations, the Joshua Project/Mission America, and Every Home for Christ. He has a heart for and extensive experience in missions. His ministry has been enriched by experience in the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Far East, including several communist countries.

Also active as a layman, Dr. Shaw has served numerous community groups as an advisor, Bible study leader and Board member.

Doug Shaw is married to Susan, and they have three children, Cilicia, Kassania, and Rajeev.