ISI exists to help international students maximize their experience of life in America.

  • Many international students can read and write English well but struggle with understanding when Americans speak and even more so when speaking themselves. We will provide people who will talk with you to help you improve your English communication skills. In doing so, often strong friendships are formed.
  • Statistics say that most international students will leave America never having been in an American home. We think this is sad. We have activities like dinners in American homes. We can also connect you with American families as friendship partners. They will help you more fully experience America in general, central Texas in particular.
  • Many students come wanting to know more about Jesus and the Bible. We provide opportunities for discussing the teachings of Jesus.
  • Do you need help to learn how to shop in American stores? Do you find reading menus in American restaurants to be confusing? Are there other areas where you need help in living in this country?

Email info@isi-austin.org and tell us how we might be able to assist you to enjoy your experience of life in America. If you would like to receive weekly emails informing you of upcoming activities, please email and request they be sent to you.

International Students, Inc. (ISI) has been assisting international students and scholars adjust to life in the US and promoting cross-cultural friendships between students, scholars and our Americans volunteers since 1953. ISI is a Christian community service organization that servesĀ over 500 college and university campuses in the US and in several other countries around the world.

ISI Austin exists to share life and culture with international students at the University of Texas. International students and scholars from all religious and ethnic backgrounds are welcome to participate in all ISI activities and services.